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Mike McClure, Sportsline

Mike McClure, Sportsline

ShotQuality’s predictive basketball data is some of the best in sports. Without ShotQuality live betting is alot like flipping a coin.

Jordan Majewski, Sports Writer

Jordan Majewski, Sports Writer

ShotQuality delivers the most useful advanced metrics and analysis in basketball.

Barstool Big Cat

Barstool Big Cat

ShotQuality analysis highlights value on the board all season long, and you know I love the board.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are ShotQuality’s NCAAB bets determined?
ShotQuality uses Vegas odds to calculate and identify the high-probability games with the most points of value. Vegas sets lines according to actual results, the ShotQuality Betting Model makes projections based on expected scores, which eliminates variability and increases predictive accuracy.
Does ShotQuality Bets offer free NCAAB picks?
Yes, ShotQuality Bets offers free college basketball picks on Twitter throughout the season. Play recommendations will also be discussed on the ShotQuality Bets Podcast on Mondays and Thursdays. Make sure to sign up to receive alerts for everything ShotQuality and exclusive free trial offers!
What makes ShotQuality the best NCAA Basketball predictions?
Vegas odds for men's basketball can be misleading. They are determined by a herd mentality, but often don’t factor nuanced data into calculations on a large scale. The ShotQuality Bets model analyzes nearly every aspect of in-game play to more deeply understand each team’s competitive advantage and how it would stack up again a respective opponent.
Does ShotQuality provide NCAA expert picks?
ShotQuality is the expert. With a 53.5% win percentage, our algorithm is one of the most, if not the most, expert NCAA handicappers in the industry. We follow math, not feelings. We encourage NCAA basketball experts to compare their analysis with the our algorithm’s findings.
What are the best NCAA Basketball picks today?
NCAA basketball lines change every day; as teams, schedules and match-ups are constantly evolving. It’s impossible for one person to keep track of every line, let alone uncover the best opportunities among them. The ShotQuality Bets Value Finder makes is seamless to track all NCAAB lines and find the best opportunities.
Are ShotQuality Bets lines generated by a computer?
Yes, ShotQuality Bets' computer algorithms recommend the best lines using a points-of-value system. No emotion, no human error, just algorithmically proven projections to help you make smarter plays.

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