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What was the shooting motion of the shot?

Shot types and descriptors describes the shooting motion of a field goal attempt. A shot type is a broad basketball name for a shot, like jump shot, dunk, layup, or hook shot.

A shot descriptor gives additional detail to the shot type, like wide open, catch-and-shoot, or right hand.

Knowledge of the shot type obviously helps model predictions. The average dunk is made more often than the average jump shot. The average field goal percentage of a shot type determines the starting point for all predictions. Shot descriptors further decompose shot types, an off-the-dribble three is made less often than a catch-and-shoot three, and a contested layup is made less often than an open layup.

Jump Shot34%31%38%



In the first play, Armando Bacot misses a layup that we gave a 58 percent chance of going in, while Kyle Filipowski went up strong for a dunk that we predict he makes on 93 percent of attempts. Both shots occur near the basket in a congested restricted area, but the taller Filipowski goes up with two hands and leaves no room for a defender between himself and the basket. Bacot, on the other hand, releases from one hand leaning away from the basket, giving him worse control over the ball and more room for defenders to alter his shot.

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