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DEFENSive impact

What was the impact of the defense?

Defense is notoriously difficult to measure in all sports, especially basketball. A great rim protector deters drives to the basket. A lockdown perimeter defender is never challenged. At ShotQuality, we collect proprietary player location information to improve out model and analysis, along with modern approaches to classical team defensive analysis. Considerations for defense in the shot probability model fall into three groups:

  1. ShotQuality location data: where is the shooter and where are the defenders?
  2. Primary defender: what characteristics do we know about the primary defender?

ShotQuality Location Data

A unique component of our model is the incorporation of our own proprietary data with the location and identity of every single player on the court at the moment of the slot.

Defender Distance

The most obvious benefit of location data is the distance of the nearest defender or group of defenders. A tightly contested shot is the more difficult than a open shot. A layup contested by a single player is easier to make than a shot contested by two or three players.


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